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Choosing the Right Place to Live in Da Nang


Following previous article on basics of moving to Da Nang, here is part two, describing different options of accommodation and areas of the city.

Da Nang is a city of many attractions. Nestled along the beautiful shores of the East Sea and split in half by the murky Han River, this mini costal metropolis has the buzz of a modern city and the charm of a small town. With the ancient trading port of Hoi An a half hour’s drive south and the “Imperial Capital” of Hue a few hour’s drive north, Da Nang is surrounded by both history and beauty. Whether you’re interested in culture, beaches, entertainment or outdoor activities, Da Nang has something to offer every personality.

Why Choose Da Nang & Central Vietnam Realty?

For those who are looking to settle temporarily or permanently in Da Nang, there are a few questions that may help make the move/transition a bit easier.

A House or an Apartment?

There are two main differences between choosing a house or an apartment in Da Nang: space and amenities. For those who consider personal space (both indoor and outdoor) top priority, a house is your best option. Most houses in Da Nang include a spacious interior as well as an outdoor patio area (varying in size), ideal for parking, a garden and/or outdoor seating. The housing options in Da Nang are quite diverse, ranging from modest, in-city, one-bedroom stays to spacious, seven-bedroom  villas. Houses generally come fully furnished, equipped with refrigerators, stovetops, A/C, WiFi, Cable TV and other optional amenities.

For those who prefer a more inclusive stay, an apartment may be your best bet. While an apartment’s interior can be as spacious as a house, they are generally lacking when it comes to exterior space. However, most apartments in Da Nang come with 24/7 security, onsite fitness centers, swimming pools, restaurants, bars and more. If you’re looking for total convenience to accompany your city home, Da Nang has some excellent options.

Where to Live in Da Nang?

If you’re ready to rent/buy a house or apartment in Da Nang, the next question is… where to live? Split down the center by the Han River, Da Nang has a distinct East and West side. Living on the East side of Da Nang, residents are closer to the beaches, seafood restaurants, quieter residential areas, as well as Truong Sa, the main road leading to Hoi An. Markets and shops are a bit more “local” feeling here, and entertainment options are relatively sparse. The East side comprises of two districts: Son Tra to the north and Ngu Hanh Son to the south.

On the West Side of Da Nang, residents will experience a much more “city-type feel.” Most of Da Nang’s busy, main roads run through this west side, with the riverfront Bach Dang, bustling Le Duan and Tran Phu streets attracting many locals and visitors. Most of Da Nang’s entertainment, shopping, food and sports complexes are found on this side of town as well. Being a relatively small city though, you never have to drive far to get anywhere in Da Nang. While there are many districts on the West side, majority of expats chooses Hai Chau district.

A Neighborhood or Complex?

A final option when looking to rent or buy in Da Nang is choosing to live in a neighborhood or private complex. If you are looking for the complete “local Vietnam” experience, living in a neighborhood is the best way to find it. Neighbors are always curious when a new foreigner moves into town, and if you’re ever looking for assistance or need a helping hand, the Vietnamese can be extremely friendly and considerate. Find the perfect house/apartment in the best neighborhoods of Da Nang with our CVR professionals.

If you’re looking for a quieter, more isolated place to call home in Da Nang, a complex may be your best bet. Generally set back from the hustle and bustle of the city, complexes can be the perfect relaxing, private retreat. From the city-based “Fortune Park” area to the gorgeous, beachfront Villas, there’s a Da Nang-based complex that will completely suit your needs. Looking for the perfect middle ground? The Ocean & Golf Villas sit halfway between Hoi An and Da Nang, boasting pristine beaches out your front door and the region’s best golf out your back. Regardless of budget, destination or housing style, CVR will help you find the perfect spot to call home.

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