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How Much Does It Cost To Buy An Apartment In Da Nang?

Over the last decade, Da Nang has experienced exponential growth and development in infrastructure, hospitality, manufacturing, IT and the real estate market has been no exception with steady growth and solid returns for investors.  Prices of apartments for sale in Da Nang are still increasing every year, especially in the luxury and high-end segments.


It’s not super easy to pinpoint the cost of an apartment for sale in Da Nang because prices vary depending on size, build quality, reputation of the developer, and location. CVR is here to walk you through some of the most important aspects of buying an apartment in Da Nang, including where you can legally purchase, and the steps and procedures for property investment in Da Nang.

How much does it cost to buy an apartment in Da Nang? 



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• Can I buy an apartment in Da Nang as a foreigner?


If you ever want to buy an apartment in Da Nang, whether as an investment property, a new primary residence, or as a second/holiday home, you need first to understand the basics of Vietnamese Real Estate laws pertaining to foreign ownership in Vietnam. 


In 2014, the legislation on land ownership in Vietnam was revised to favor an open real estate market. Viet Kieu (Vietnamese residents living abroad), foreigners with a visa, and foreign legal organizations can now buy land in Vietnam just like Vietnamese people.

A foreigner can buy an apartment, a home, a villa, or a plot of land in Vietnam.


Although obtaining a work permit or marrying a Vietnamese citizen is no longer required in order to purchase property in Vietnam, a foreigner’s property ownership is limited to 50 years. Foreigners who marry a Vietnamese citizen or a Viet Kieu, on the other hand, have nearly unlimited property rights.


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Where should I buy an apartment in Da Nang?


The Han River is one of Da Nang’s major landmarks and the main geographic locator within the Da Nang city. The city is divided into two sections, one on the western (city) side and the other on the eastern (beach) side.


As Da Nang is still a relatively small city (growing quickly with over 1.1 million people!), getting around wouldn’t be a problem no matter which half you stay on.

In comparison to the beach side of the city, the city side is a little busier as there are more local businesses like cafés, stores, and restaurants. 


Meanwhile, the Eastern side also known as the beach side features excellent beaches and ocean views. This is where massive beach houses/villas and condos can be found, where residents can enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere.

The beachside is ideal for those who wish to be closer to the locals and beaches. Here, you’ll find strategically placed real estate as well as luxury condos near the river and the beaches.


Where can I buy an apartment in Da Nang? Apartment/Condo Projects in Da Nang:

Many high-end real estate projects have been completed or are currently under construction in Da Nang. Here’s a list of existing and upcoming apartment buildings in Da Nang.


Completed Apartment/Condo Projects in Da Nang

1. The Ocean Suites Da Nang

2. Hyatt Regency Residences

3. Altara Suites Da Nang

4. Hiyori Garden Tower Da Nang

5. Azura Da Nang Apartment

6. Son Tra Ocean View

7. Blooming Tower Danang


Upcoming Apartment/Condo Projects in Da Nang

1. Shantira Beach Resort & Spa Hoi An

2. The Filmore Da Nang | Apartment building

3. Asiana Da nang | Luxury Residences

4. Le Meridien Danang Resort & Spa

5. The 6Nature Danang

6. Danang Landmark Tower

7. Time Square Da Nang

8. Risemount Da Nang Apartment

9. The Sang Residence

10. Athena Luxury Da Nang Riverside ( The Muse Apartment)


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Da Nang Condo Prices. How much does it cost to buy an apartment in Da Nang? 


While beach houses and luxury villas can sell for millions of dollars, condo units can be purchased for considerably less. Condo prices in Da Nang have risen dramatically in recent years as a result of an influx of local and foreign investors.

Depending on location and project quality, apartments for sale in Da Nang typically cost between USD $1,500 and $5,000 per square meter.


Da Nang apartments come in a variety of styles and price ranges. Studio rooms to three-bedroom apartments are available.


• Overall, studio units start from USD $70,0000


• One bedroom from USD $85,000


• Two bedrooms from USD $150,000


• Three bedrooms from USD $280,000



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