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Tips on Renting Property in Vietnam


After 10+ years of experience helping local and foreign clients with residential and commercial leases in Da Nang, CVR continues to fine tune the leasing process and assist customers new and old with finding rental properties in Central Vietnam! 

We have talked with our agents and compiled a few of the most important tips when looking for a rental property, negotiating the lease, and ensuring a friendly and cooperative relationship with the landlord in Vietnam. 

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  2. Tips on Renting A Long Term Apartment/House in Vietnam

  4. 1. Explore the area

  6. · A lot of times the neighborhood is just as if not more important than the accommodation itself! Take some time to rent a bike or motorbike and drive around town to discover a few neighborhoods.
    · Find some local businesses (restaurants, cafes, bars, shops, etc) that you like and then look for accommodation within the area.
    · Renting a hotel for 2/4 weeks upon arrival can be plenty of time to find a neighborhood that you have a connection with.


2. General Lease Structure in Vietnam


· Lease structures in Vietnam are generally 3 months to 1-year leases (shorter acceptable as well for guests passing through Vietnam).
· Vietnamese landlords usually ask for 1 monthly deposit and 2 or 3 months’ payment on a 6+ month lease agreement.
· Monthly rental payments can be achievable for shorter leases of only 2 or 3 months in duration.
· Accommodations are typically fully furnished and ready for move-in. Some smaller items cutlery, clothing hangers, etc are usually included, but not always.
· Commercial leases are usually 3-5 years in length and require 2 months deposit and 6 months of payments on a property.


3. Review Lease Agreement and Tips!


· If you’re certain you’ll be staying in Vietnam for the length of your lease and finances allow it, paying 6 months or more in advance can lead to big discounts and money saved.
· Always ensure to include an extension clause, typically with a max % price increase for subsequent leases.
· Always try to include a termination clause. Have your agent request from the landlord to allow 2 months’ notice to terminate with a full refund of the deposit.


4. Guest Clause


Be sure your lease allows guests with the landlord’s permission and assistance to register your guest. Best to be clear if you will have other families or friends living long-term with you later in the lease, for some landlords this can change the rental price and cause issues down the road.

Landlords in Vietnam generally always pay the monthly management fee depending on the building and likely you can negotiate this into your rental price!


5. Registration / Checking rightful home landlord


Be sure the landlord has the responsibility and right to register you at the apartment/house. This will make your life easier when applying for Vietnamese visas, work permits, and driver’s licenses down the road.
After move-in, request the landlord send you a copy of your registration with the local authorities. Better to have a copy beforehand!


6. Repairs / Maintenance (Newer properties)


During your first walk-throughs of the apartment, take note of all damaged or poorly maintained furniture and equipment. Ask for repairs upfront (repainting, replacing furniture, etc). Some landlords may not always say yes, but it’s worth asking!
Best to photograph or take a video of the property upon moving in and send the images to the landlord/agent for safekeeping. These can help to ensure you receive your full deposit back when you move out


7. Wet Spots


Vietnam’s monsoon season can cause a lot of leakage and dampness in apartments/houses if not treated properly. Be extra cautious of wet spots on the walls or ceilings when touring houses as this likely means you will be having water leakage issues later on


  • 8. Befriend the landlord


    • This is a big one and a little gesture can go a long way. Of course, this is situation-specific, but a small home-cooked meal or a few beers on the streetside can go miles for building a friendship and you never know when you might need a favor!


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