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Where to live in Da Nang: The 3 best neighborhoods

As a real estate team based in Da Nang with several team members being residents of Da Nang for 10+ years (some Da Nang natives!), CVR wanted to share a few tips for newcomers looking for rental accommodation! We’ve broken down a few different neighborhoods in Da Nang that are most common for expats to reside in and given some of the pros and cons of each neighborhood for your consideration. 


We hope this blog post can answer some of the questions you have as we know the public information on the internet can be quite limited and sometimes outdated, especially in a city that changes as quickly as Da Nang!



Best areas to live in Danang | CVR



  1. 1. An Thuong Area


The most popular area for expats, tourists, and Viet Kieu citizens would likely be the An Thuong neighborhood. Most recognizable by the An Thuong 1, 2, 3, and 4 pedestrian streets as well as the main thoroughfares of Le Quang Dao, Ngo Thi Si, and Tran Bach Dang. It is situated extremely close to Holiday Beach, named for the holiday beach hotel that stands at the entrance of the neighborhood. 

An Thuong Walking Street in front of My Khe Beach, Da Nang

The An Thuong neighborhood is the most popular for a few reasons including the largest concentration of international restaurants, bars, beach clubs, and beach loungers, co-working spaces, gyms, cafes, and apartment-style accommodations for short or long-term stays. 


Holiday Beach is a very pristine part of the My Khe beach with a much wider area of sand allowing for a lot of beach activities and beach lounging. This stretch of Holiday Beach also has some of the most consistent waves in the winter months for those who love surfing, most of the summer the ocean off the coast of Da Nang is quite still. 

An Thuong also stands out for having the most accommodation options of international quality in Da Nang. The majority of the apartments are situated in 3 or 4-story homes with each floor being converted into 1 or 2 apartments. There are also a lot of traditional Vietnamese homes for rent should you prefer to have your own house, instead of an apartment. 


On average, a one-bedroom apartment would cost around $300-500 per month, while a two-bedroom would cost you from $500 to up to $1,000 or more if you’re moving into the larger, international apartment towers. 

The private homes roughly start USD $750-$1,000 a month for a 3-bedroom home. 

Apartments and houses for rent in An Thuong area, Da Nang


Overall, the An Thuong neighborhood provides extreme convenience as nearly everything is within walking distance, or only a short motorbike ride away. As a major commercial and international center of Da Nang, it is very easy to feel right at home here. 


2. Hai Chau 1 – Da Nang City Center


An Thuong is generally considered the most popular area for expats to live on the “beach side” of town, while Hai Chau 1 stands out as the most common place for expats to live on the “city side” of town. Hai Chau 1 is most recognizable by the riverboard walk on Bach Dang Street, the bustling commercial haven on Le Duan street, as well as the residential, office, and hotel towers that crowd the area. 

Hai Chau 1 is the central business district of Da Nang and provides a very different lifestyle than that of An Thuong. The streets are busy with people and motorbikes, all the major streets are filled with busy cafes, restaurants, retail, and service shops. It is more like District 1 in Ho Chi Minh or pretty much anywhere in Hanoi. 


Hai Chau 1 has a more “Vietnamese” feel with the majority of residents being Vietnamese citizens due to proximity to majority of the large office towers. There are a significant number of expats and tourists living in Hai Chau 1 as well as some of Da Nang’s most prominent tourist attractions (Han Market, Pink Church, National Theater, etc) are situated in Hai Chau 1. 

One major attraction of international residents choosing to reside in Hai Chau 1 is the variety of accommodations. There are several international quality condo towers, and global hotel chains offering residence options as well as smaller apartment or home rentals available in this area. The more local-style residences in Hai Chau 1 can be cheaper than An Thuong, while the luxury residences are significantly more expensive and generally start around USD $1,000+ per month.

Apartments and houses for rent in Hai Chau area, Da Nang

Overall, Hai Chau 1 has a lot of intriguing reasons to choose as your residence with the “city feel” and ultra convenience being some of the tops. 


3. Beach Resorts – Beachfront condos and villas in Danang


The last neighborhood we wanted to highlight, isn’t really a neighborhood at all, but rather a long-term villa or apartment in one of Da Nang / Hoi An’s many oceanfront resorts. Several of the resorts in Da Nang do have options for long-term residence including Ocean Resort, Hyatt Regency, BRG Golf Resort, etc. 

These beach resorts are extremely popular for ex-pats looking to enjoy some of the best lifestyles that Da Nang has to offer. These resorts generally include access to full amenities including private beaches, gyms, spas, sports courts, 24-hour security, parking, etc, not to mention some of the best ocean-view apartments and villas in the city. 


A lot of these resorts have developed a very strong sense of community amongst the residents who live there as these resorts can be somewhat secluded from the main, accessible areas of Da Nang city. Though the amenities, quality of the home, quality of lifestyle, and proximity to international schools can make up for the distance from Da Nang for a lot of families. 

The apartments and villas found in these beach resorts are some of the most luxurious in Da Nang and are in generally low supply as not all beach resorts will allow long-term residences. 

These beach resorts boast some of the highest rental rates in Da Nang with one-bedroom condos starting around USD $1,000 and the larger 3-4 bedroom villas ranging from $2,500 – $3,000 per month

Condos and villas for rent in the beachfront resort area, Da Nang

Nonetheless, there are beautiful apartments and homes across Da Nang in many more areas in Da Nang where expats live including Son Tra, Nam Viet A, and Khue My, but hopefully, this gives a pretty basic overview of a few neighborhoods that should be considered while looking for Da Nang.

CVR is happy to help at any time with any questions regarding each neighborhood or specific properties within them! 


Explore Da Nang and consider how much residing in one of these areas in Da Nang will improve your life with CVR! Contact us at any time if you’re planning on taking a vacation or becoming a resident in Da Nang!


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