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Week 23/2022 – Central Vietnam Real Estate News Summary

  1. Week 23/2022 – Central Vietnam Real Estate News Summary

    In this weekly or sometimes bi-weekly news flash – CVR: Central Vietnam Realty will provide a choice of articles from mainly Vietnamese media sources related to the real estate market in Vietnam.
    We will be focusing on issues related to Da Nang and Hoi An, while also looking at national news and their possible impact on Central Vietnam’s property market.
    You will find a summary, a link to the source as well as CVR’s take on the article.

    We believe that local knowledge is the key to making the best possible decision and that’s what we offer to all our clients.

    “CVR: Western Management – Local Knowledge”

  1. 1. Real estate is the “storm shield” of investors when inflation is high?


The continuous volatility of the stock market over the past time has made many F0 investors realize the “fierceness” of this market and choose real estate as a place to “avoid the storm”.

Housing is favored for safety

The complicated volatility of the stock market is causing many investors to withdraw part of their cash flow back to safer markets, including real estate.

Investors choose safety


Inflation, and gold price fluctuations push people with good finances to hold onto assets to save more. The market is seeing a wave of long-term investors actively pouring money into holding high-value assets such as real estate. The trend of buying anti-slip properties is happening more and more, so the most popular products are still land houses, especially products that can be exploited commercially.


Not everybody wins the game of land investment. It would be better to do investment with well-inform projects which have adequate paperwork and choose those which had the pink book issued. A stronger and more transparent market means more opportunities! Considering investing in a new construction development project in Central Vietnam? Contact the CVR team for more information on current and upcoming opportunities.



  1. 2. Investment “trick” of people with money.


Instead of buying retail real estate outside, investors with money look for investment opportunities in large-scale urban areas – where they believe that real estate prices will increase sharply according to local amenities instead of fluctuations. unpredictable outside the market.


  1. Less windowshopping, let the price increase: For those with money, it is easy to see that they rarely surf real estate, instead “saving money” on it for 3-5 years, even 7-8 years. And, with the capital spent tens to hundreds of billions of dong, the difference in the collection of several tens of billions of dong is no longer a strange thing for these investors.


  1. Choose utilities, instead of focusing on the house: The rich who buy real estate is buying the utility of the place where the real estate is located, not buying a house. Accordingly, their cash flow is also born from this utility story. And also explain why there are river view villas with hundreds of billions of dong that are difficult to sell but still have buyers.


  1. Buying an investment property is like buying a place to live: The rich have different tastes in living space. Because they have money, they will choose properties that stand out in many factors, including architecture, interior, space, and quality… sell investment property after buying time. They both consider high-end and luxury real estate as savings and want to earn cash flow from its properties.

Considering an investment in 2022? Whatever the requirement, we provide our clients the highest standard of service tailored to their specific needs and always stay ahead of the curve. Reach out to us today!



  1. 3. Demand for real estate in Da Nang increases


In 2022, Da Nang will launch a series of tourism stimulus programs such as phase 2 of “Enjoy Danang – Enjoy Danang”. This is the necessary driving force to promote the tourism market, from both domestic and international sources. The demand for resort real estate, especially in the luxury and high-end segments will also benefit from this trend.


When investing in real estate in Da Nang, many investors consider this as a second home, besides the purpose of living, this is also a channel to make a profit or accumulate assets in the long term. Therefore, they often look for high-end projects, developed and managed by professional and experienced brands such as Marriott or Accor.

Branded products, although the price may be higher than the average, still attract a lot of attention from investors.


In 2022, the Da Nang market will become more vibrant thanks to the participation and expansion of activities of international brands. The most outstanding one that can be mentioned in the plan to expand the nationwide portfolio of the Marriott International hotel group. In addition, the market will also receive a large number of resort projects and luxury apartments from big brands such as Fusion Resort & Villas, Le Méridien Resort & Spa, and The Filmore.


Why it’s important:

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It is important because only products that meet a set of luxury standards such as prime location, privacy, and luxury utility services… will satisfy this customer. And, the growth investment value is also born here.

As Da Nang continues to develop into a major economic center and international destination, CVR can help you find suitable real estate that fits your specific needs whether it’s for a business or new home. Interested in learning about opportunities in Central Vietnam? Contact the CVR team today!



  1. 4. Facing bank credit tightening, how should the housing market manage?


Recently, some banks have had “orders” to suspend or limit lending for real estate. According to investors’ forecasts, if the number of banks restricting real estate lending increases rapidly in the near future, the risk of a slowdown in the real estate market is possible. 


The second group is individual investors who have borrowed large amounts of land to buy large pieces of land and are waiting to be sold to foreign companies. Besides, the group of large investors who invest in real estate by surfing will also be heavily affected after the bank’s move to tighten credit. In addition, the credit squeeze will cause negative information to be transmitted to the real estate market, making those planning to invest in it will be worried.


Real estate, especially land, is still the safest cash flow channel. Therefore, after this squeeze, the upcoming market may move sideways and move up a bit. Especially, if the credit tightening can cool down the recent land fever and limit speculation, that is also a good sign.


Why it is important: The article provides more information for investors to have a better plan for their investment.

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  1. 5. 50-70 years for ownership of condo: The loss is on the owners?


The Ministry of Construction’s proposal for an apartment building with a useful life of 50-70 years is receiving mixed opinions. People are worried that, at the end of this time, they will be “evicted” and lose their property ownership, and experts say that the proposal is not suitable.


Talking to PV Tien Phong, Mr. Le Hoang Chau, Chairman of the Ho Chi Minh City Real Estate Association, analyzed that at this time, it is not advisable to apply for the apartment with a term but only a limited time to use the apartment. when this work has been seriously degraded with a thorough quality inspection.


According to Mr. Chau, according to the psychology of the majority of Vietnamese people, they want to own long-term houses and the habit of using apartments has only been shaped in the past decade. This proposal may cause the apartment market to “disgrace”, and even decline.


Lawyer Bui Minh Dang (Law Office of Minh Dang and Associates) said that the proposal for 50-70-year-old apartments should be widely consulted. Only if the majority of people support it, it can be put into practice.



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