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David Neal Huffman

I recently had the pleasure of working with Austin Weyers from CVR to purchase an apartment in Da Nang. Austin took the time to explain how the entire process works with a foreigner purchasing an apartment in Vietnam. He also displayed professionalism and patience throughout the entire process as, admittedly, I tend to be a perfectionist, who is not always easy to please. Austin was with me every step of the way during the purchase. Austin continued to assist me after the sale was completed by taking me to the electric company to have to power changed into my name and he also arranged for and English-speaking representative from Viettel to meet me at my new apartment to have the internet transferred to my name. Austin also recommended painters, appliance, and fabric stores. He also arranged to have certain items removed from my apartment that came furnished that I did not want at no cost to me. Austin always promptly replied to my many messages and queries. I would highly recommend Austin to anyone who is looking for an honest, reliable, and trustworthy agent. Thanks again Austin for all your help, and give you a ten out of ten rating.