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Ready Built Factory For Lease in Hoa Cam Industrial Park Da Nang


Ready Built Factory For Lease in Hoa Cam Industrial Park Da Nang

507 276 000 ₫

Ref.No. NX.HC.VT022

Cẩm Lệ District, Da Nang, Vietnam

Size: 5940 sq m


Inland Customs Clearance Port (ICD)
National Grid System
Wastewater Treatment System
Waste Treatment System

Ready Built Factory Da Nang For Rent in Hoa Cam Industrial Park 


This ready built factory covers an area of 5,940 square meters with additional space for expansion on site in a separate RBF. The site and factory are fully operational and ready for handover immediately.


In addition, office space and parking available upon request. Conversely, investors are able to rent without extra amenities as well. 


Open floor plan and several entrances allow for multiple business activities and ample outdoor space for additional storage (containers, equipment, etc). Generally, Hoa Cam Industrial Zone is most suitable for FMCG, technology, and logistic investments given the immediate proximity to Da Nang CBD.


Location (Distance from):
Tien Sa Port: 18 Km.
Han River: 08 Km.
Lien Chieu Port: 07 Km.
International Airport: 05 Km.
Railway Station: 07 Km.
Central Bus Station :05 Km
National Highway 1A: 01 Km.
Da Nang - Quang Ngai Expressway: 5 km.


Ready Built Factory Specifics


Total factory area: 5,940 m2 (width: 60 m, length 99 m).


Factory rent: 3.5 USD/1 m2 (equivalent to about 80,000 VND).


Lease term: Subject to agreement of Ready Built Factory.


Payment: Subject to agreement of Ready Built Factory.



Industrial Zone Information


Internal roads: The main traffic of the Industrial Park includes 3 main axes connecting National Highway 14B to the center of the Industrial Park, dividing the land area into 4 zones, the main road is arranged with 3-lane roads, the width of the roadbed 11.25m, summer 2x6m, red line 23.25m. Regional roads have a width of 2 lanes, the pavement is 2x4.5m, and the red line is only 16.5m.


Waste water treatment fee: Depending on the specific business unit.


Green tree system: Landscape trees in the Industrial Park are arranged to be planted along both sides of the road (sidewalks) therefore, creating shade and general landscape for the Industrial Park, reducing environmental pollution and human health protection.

Fees for using electricity, water, environmental sanitation, telephone, and Internet: The unit price and payment method for fees for using electricity, water, telephone and internet will be regulated by service providers.


Power supply system: The power supply system is connected from Cau Do transformer station with a capacity of 110/35/22KV(2x25)MVA, the 22KV power network (dual circuit) will be supplied to the 22/22 substations. 0.4KA for each factory or enterprise.


Water supply system: The water supply system for the Industrial Park is taken from the water supply system of Cau Do Water Plant with a capacity of 210,000m3 /day and night, on the Ø200 pipeline running along National Highway 14B.


Wastewater treatment system: Local wastewater in each factory and enterprise is treated up to the prescribed standards before being discharged into the sewer network in the industrial park and continues to be cleaned at the wastewater treatment station. Overall, Hoa Cam Industrial park with a capacity of 4,000 m3/day. 


Business Opportunities and Tax Incentives


Business lines attracting investment:
+ Electronic industry, mechanical engineering, assembly.
+ Food processing industry.
+ Construction materials industry, high-class interior decoration.
+ Other industries (plastics, cosmetics, packaging...).


Investment incentive policies:
* Incentives on corporate income tax
- Newly established enterprises from investment projects in the following fields:
+ High technology as prescribed by law; scientific research and technological development;
+ Producing software products.
- Preferential rates on corporate income tax:
+ Preferential tax rate of 10% for a period of 15 years. In addition, all tax incentives are applicable once the enterprise begins to generate revenues. 
+ Tax exemption for 4 years, 50% reduction of payable tax for the next 9 years. Tax exemptions will be calculated from the first year of taxable income. For example, if the enterprise has no revenue for the first three years, the tax exemption and reduction period will begin from the fourth year. 
At the end of the incentive period, the corporate income tax rate reverts to the normal tax rate with the tax rate of 25%.
* Preferential import tax
Investors are exempt from import tax on equipment, supplies, means of transport and other goods to implement investment projects in Vietnam according to the provisions of the Law on Import and Export Tax.