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Each week we post a news flash with notable articles related to the real estate market in Vietnam. We asked our team to pick the top stories from the past month and we’ve tallied the results. Check out the headlines that made big news in our office below. Have any of the articles we’ve shared impacted you? Is there any important news we’ve missed? We’d love to hear from you!

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  • 1. What surprises await real estate investors in 2023?


Experts believe that the real estate market in the second half of 2023 will have positive changes and recover, but there are still certain cautions. Besides, the housing supply remains low and prices will decrease slightly.


Commenting on the market in the coming time, Dr. Nguyen Van Dinh, Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Real Estate Association, said that the real estate market in 2023 still has positive bright spots, will recover, and not fall into a crisis. By the middle of 2023, which is the end of the second quarter, the market will stabilize and return to its original route.


The current situation is quite difficult in many fields of the market but different from 2012 when the supply exceeded the demand which lead to bubble exploitation, now the demand is more than the supply so the crisis will be solved when prices go down and people are willing to buy.


For the market to recover, of course, depends on many factors. If the capital flow is not cleared, investor confidence does not recover, and the real estate law faces many obstacles, the market’s ability to recover will be lower and slower. On the contrary, if the above problems are resolved, or the State takes steps to gradually remove them, the market will begin to recover from the end of the second quarter of 2023.


With the positive signals appearing at the present time, many experts also expect the real estate market to recover next year. However, the real estate supply will still be at a modest level in the face of difficulties. legal difficulties have not been completely removed.


In short, the real estate market is hit badly by the Covid-19 pandemic in 2 years and has gone through the cash tightening policy from the state bank. But as the stream, the market will be back on track soon.

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  • 2. Luxury real estate prices in Vietnam are still cheap in the eyes of foreign investors


According to Neil MacGregor, Managing Director of Savills Vietnam, the high-end and luxury housing market in Vietnam has a very long way to go before it can have dizzyingly high prices like Hong Kong and Singapore. The potential for this real estate segment is still huge.


Scarcity along with distinct features, luxury real estate hits right at the psychology of buyers with money who want to enjoy life. This is also a product line with a strong price increase in the market.


The high-end and luxury segments have been forecast to have an oversupply. However, in fact, in some projects, the supply does not meet the demand. In projects that launch “limited edition” products, they often excel in all criteria, so they are sought after by the super-rich. In which, a large amount of purchasing power comes from foreigners.


There was a time when the purchasing power of foreigners in luxury apartment projects was at an unprecedented level, always with a 30% “room” allowed by the Government.


Explaining the attraction and potential of this type of real estate, Mr. Neil MacGregor said that the number of rich and super-rich people in Vietnam is increasing rapidly, not to mention that more and more foreigners want to own real estate products.


Meanwhile, the price of high-end and luxury real estate in Vietnam is still much cheaper than in regional cities such as Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok.


Importance: With the current demand-supply situation, the high-end real estate market still has the opportunity to increase value in the future.

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  • 3. It’s time for real estate prices to drop


Recently, the real estate market has fallen into a quiet state, and the liquidity has also continuously decreased. Experts said that, to stimulate liquidity again, investors need to rethink real estate prices to suit people’s pockets.


Many experts believe that the structure of real estate products is out of phase when the shopping cart accounts for most of the products that are not suitable for people’s pockets. This is also part of the reason for the sharp decline in liquidity recently.


Mr. Nguyen Van Dinh, Chairman of the Vietnam Association of Realtors, said that most of the inventory products of the real estate market today are in the high-end segment. high liquidity because it is not suitable for the pocket of today’s consumers.


In fact, in the current market, it is estimated that there are about 1,000 projects across the country that are facing legal bottlenecks but cannot be put into the market, the total value of 1000 projects is equivalent to about 700,000 billion VND.


Real demand is said to be a bright spot to remove difficulties, so investors have to restructure debts, sell policies, and focus all activities on serving this demand of customers. However, in order for the capital flow to really open, there will need to be a large enough buying force. In order to activate cash flow from real buyers, real estate prices need to decrease further. 

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  • 4. Emerging trends in real estate 2023: segments with true value will win


Content: Real estate experts believe that the investment taste in the near future will be towards products of real value such as townhouses, apartments, and industrial zone properties.


With the current market situation, many people are waiting for the time when the market bottoms to catch the bottom. But in reality with the real estate or stock market to know where is the top, and where the bottom is very difficult. Only when the price starts going down will you know where the top is, when the price goes up will you know where the bottom is. Predicting where the top and bottom are, are personal and subjective judgments.”


Therefore, each type and segment of real estate has a certain potential in the market depending on the time and policies affecting that type and segment. There are 3 segments that are predicted to receive the most interest in 2023.


Firstly, townhouses are receiving great attention.

Secondly, real estate related to infrastructure, real estate in industrial zones is also a type of real estate suitable for the current context.

The third segment considered investing into is apartments if investors have enough financial potential.


Importance: It is hard to know for sure the forecast is correct but at least this will give an orientation for us in  our job.

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  • 5. The resort business is forecasted to be positive after the first quarter of 2023


According to experts, the increase in the number of millennial visitors and the remote working model are among the trends shaping the development of the resort tourism industry today.


In addition, in the context that natural resources and the environment are under pressure from tourism exploitation activities, the needs of sustainable tourism are receiving more attention.


Experiential activities that contribute to minimizing the impact on the environment and local communities, and bring positive impacts to the health and spirit of individuals, need to be focused on developing to match this trend.


According to Mr. Mauro, in order for the market potential to be exploited effectively, towards sustainable development, investors need to carefully study market trends to come up with a business model suitable to the needs of the next generation of tourists. new calendar.


“In the context of the market facing many challenges, the opening and sale activities and putting into operation of some projects will be slower than expected, but this is also an opportunity for investors to consider. , re-evaluate, thereby refining the business model in a more efficient, sustainable way,” said Mr. Mauro.


The expert also gave an optimistic view on the market potential, expecting a year with many positive signs for the resort industry and there will be positive changes after the first quarter of 2023.


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