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Branded Residences: Da Nang’s Ticket to Phuket’s Success?

Da Nang: The Next Phuket? Early Investment in Branded Residences Could Reap Big Rewards


Phuket’s tourism boom has propelled it to the top of the world stage for branded residences, with a staggering supply exceeding USD 2.3 billion. But could Da Nang, Vietnam’s rising tourist destination, be poised for a similar surge? The city is attracting significant interest in the Danang real estate market, particularly for beachfront villas, luxury condos, and modern apartments for sale in Da Nang. This trend echoes Phuket’s success story, indicating strong potential for branded residences in Da Nang. Let’s explore the data and see why Da Nang presents a compelling opportunity for real estate investors, particularly those who enter the market early.

Da Nang The Next Phuket?


Phuket’s Success Story: A Blueprint for Da Nang?


The Asia Property Awards highlight Phuket’s remarkable transformation from a tourism-dependent economy to a branded residence powerhouse. This shift reflects a global trend where luxury travelers seek not just a vacation, but a lifestyle experience. Branded residences, affiliated with renowned hospitality groups, cater to this desire, offering hotel-style amenities within a private residence setting.

Phuket, the largest leisure property market in the world
Phuket, the largest leisure property market in the world

Da Nang, with its stunning beaches, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and growing international profile, is poised to become a major player in the luxury property market. The city is already attracting investment in luxury hospitality projects, including established names like Hyatt Regency Residences Da Nang and upcoming developments like Nobu Danang – Hotel, Restaurant and Residences. This trend indicates a surge in interest in branded residences for sale in Da Nang, beachfront condos, villas, and apartments for sale, mirroring the success story of Phuket.


Why Da Nang is Ripe for a Branded Residence Boom:


Several factors align to make Da Nang the next Phuket:


  • Soaring Tourism: Da Nang boasts stunning beaches, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and a vibrant city center, attracting millions of visitors annually. This influx mirrors Phuket’s early growth.
  • Government Investment: The Vietnamese government is heavily invested in developing Da Nang’s infrastructure, including a new international airport and world-class entertainment facilities. This commitment mirrors Thailand’s support for Phuket’s tourism industry.
  • Untapped Potential: Compared to Phuket, Da Nang’s branded residence market is nascent. This presents a golden opportunity for early investors to capitalize on the initial wave of demand.
  • Da Nang is Ripe for a Branded Residence Boom
    Da Nang is ready for a branded residence boom

Early Bird Gets the Worm: Advantages of Investing Now


Investing in Da Nang’s branded residences now offers several advantages:


  • Lower Entry Point: With the market still developing, property prices are likely to be lower compared to a more established market like Phuket. Currently, Phuket’s branded apartments average around THB 200,000 (USD 6,100) per square meter, while villas can range from THB 80 million (USD 2.4 million) to upwards of THB 300 million (USD 9.1 million). In Da Nang, branded apartments start at around VND 60 million (USD 2,600) per square meter, with villas for sale ranging from VND 15 billion (USD 650,000) to VND 40 billion (USD 1.7 million).

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  • First-Mover Advantage: Being among the first to invest allows you to choose from the best properties and developments. This ensures you get the most desirable units with the highest potential for rental income and future resale value.
  • Riding the Wave: As Da Nang’s tourism and branded residence market matures, property values are expected to rise significantly. Early investors will be well-positioned to reap substantial profits, mirroring the price appreciation experienced in Phuket.

Phuket’s branded residence success offers a clear path for Da Nang’s real estate market. Soaring tourism and government support create a prime opportunity for branded villas, condos, and apartments. Early investors can grab lower entry points, be first movers, and enjoy future value growth. Whether you desire beachfront villas or central apartments, Da Nang caters to your investment goals. As Da Nang becomes the next global hotspot, act now!