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Each week we post a news flash with notable articles related to the real estate market in Vietnam. We asked our team to pick the top stories from the past month and we’ve tallied the results. Check out the headlines that made big news in our office below. Have any of the articles we’ve shared impacted you? Is there any important news we’ve missed? We’d love to hear from you!

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  1. 1. Real estate prices go sideways, investors seek to “exit”

  2. 2. Prime Minister: No unreasonable tightening of real estate credit

  3. 3. In 2025, Vietnam will have a land price map.

    1. 4. Real estate policy effective from August 2022

      1. 5. Tourism recovers, resort real estate regains its position.

        1. 6. The race to elevate the living experience of luxury villas

          7. Factors that make the real estate market more positive in the short term


      1. 1. Real estate prices go sideways, investors seek to “exit”


      The two types with the strongest decrease in search volume in the second quarter were land and project land. Compared to the peaks of March and April, the price is moving sideways.


      The type of commercial townhouses and shophouses, the selling price has not only leveled off but has also decreased significantly compared to March and April. 


      The supply of shophouses mainly came from an urban project of a real estate giant, there was speculation that inflated prices, so then the price leveled off, and many investors were trapped in cash flow here.


      Meanwhile, recognizing the fact, representatives of some real estate floors also said that many investors are tending to change their strategy from attacking at the beginning of the year to being defensive. They have a fear of asset prices going down, so leveraged investors are looking for ways to “get out” early.


      It is important because real estate businesses are currently facing huge risks both subjectively and objectively, especially project legal risks. Opening up capital and legal resources is an urgent issue for the real estate market to overcome this difficult time.

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      1. 2. Prime Minister: No unreasonable tightening of real estate credit


      Deputy Prime Minister Le Van Thanh has just signed Directive 13 of the Prime Minister on a number of solutions to promote the safe, healthy, and sustainable development of the real estate market.


      The directive was issued after a while, the development of the real estate sector also revealed many shortcomings, limitations, inadequacies, still not really sustainable, and still, many potential risks, such as the structure of real estate products are not reasonable, the prices of real estate products, especially housing prices, are still quite high compared to people’s incomes, the database of information on the real estate market is not synchronized and complete, lack of trust, lack of transparency…


      The Prime Minister asked to be patient, steadfast, and resolute in developing a safe, healthy, and sustainable real estate ecosystem. In particular, not to tighten credit unreasonably, but to strengthen inspection and supervision, not to relax state management. No criminalization of economic-civil relations; proactively detects, prevents, and strictly handles violations in accordance with the law.


      The Prime Minister requested a specific and accurate assessment of the situation and supply-demand to develop the real estate market on the basis of respecting market rules, competition rules, and promoting the management role of real estate developers, policy tools to intervene and control when necessary in an appropriate, timely and effective manner, not to let the situation manipulate the market, hoard goods, over-prices…


      Importance: With these actions, the cash into real estate will be provided more to help the market develop sustainably in the coming time.

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      1. 3. In 2025, Vietnam will have a land price map.


      In 2025, we will have a basic land data system, including a map of land prices. When the measurement work is completed, all types of land can be displayed on the address map, associated with the date of collection of land prices.


      Minister Tran Hong Ha said that all the problems that need to be solved here are how to closely determine the market price in normal conditions. There are several methods, first of all, in the process of land transaction, from the state’s allocation of land as the primary market, it is also necessary to focus on auction and bidding, which will be close to the market.


      People participating in land transactions and real estate investors must publicize on the exchange, the price reflects the correct market. When there is such a widely reflected price, it is the price we will determine to be the market value of a stable nature.


      But the most important thing is still information about land prices, that is, to create a map of the value area, showing today’s transaction prices of the land allocation and land auction; What is the price on the trading floor? It will give the full price, we just need to do a simple calculation to get the average value.


      For countries, it takes 5-10 years to come up with a table of land values. Currently, in Vietnam, many localities have applied this method to determine market land price fluctuations.


      In Vietnam, the mapping of land values depends on each region, where land transactions take place a lot, and it can happen sooner.


      Importance: Let the market decide the price of land will ease the government from the work of evaluating the value and maximize the land tax in the future.

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    2. 4. Real estate policy effective from August 2022


    Decree No. 44/2022/ND-CP dated June 29, 2022, on the construction, management, and use of information systems in the housing and real estate market, effective from August 15, 2022, the mining and using information, housing data, and real estate market must comply with the provisions of the law on access to information and other relevant laws.


    Which, there are 3 forms of exploitation and use of the database on housing and real estate market, including Via Portal of information system on housing and real estate market (http://; web portal of the Department of Construction; through a request form or written request; by a contract between the agency managing the information system on housing and real estate market and the party exploiting and using data on housing and real estate market in accordance with the law.


    Organizations and individuals wishing to register for the grant of the right to exploit and use information and data on housing and the real estate market shall send a request form to the agency or unit assigned to manage and provide information. , data on the housing and real estate market in the following forms: Submitted directly in writing to the supplier; sent by official letter, fax, or post office; Register online on the supplier’s website.


    Within 7 working days from the date of receipt of the request, the supplier shall consider granting the right to access and use valid information and data on the housing and real estate market; In case of refusal to provide the right to exploit and use, the supplier must reply clearly stating the reason.



    1. 5. Tourism recovers, resort real estate regains its position.

  3. The pandemic has changed the concept and lifestyle of many people, which has promoted tourism trends associated with exploring nature, renewable energy, and health care. This trend is especially evident among the middle and upper classes in Vietnam.

    More than a regular vacation, each trip brings them great values in terms of health, spirit, and the cohesion of family members, especially in the post-Covid context.


    The good signal from the influx of domestic and foreign tourists is considered an important “kick” for Vietnam’s resort real estate market after 2 years of “hibernation” because of the epidemic.

    In particular, the real estate model in the large-scale resort-entertainment tourism ecosystem is being “hunted” by both customers and investors thanks to meeting all needs of accommodation, relaxation, and entertainment. Entertainment, health care… in a single destination.

    According to experts, when land fund is increasingly scarce, the all-in-one tourism-resort complexes have well-planned facilities, especially located near the sea, convenient to connect. to central cities, developed by reputable investors will be products of interest in the market, with good liquidity and potential for value-added in the future. This model also ensures the stability and sustainability of cash flow, suitable for investors with a long-term vision. Notably, emerging markets with clean land funds, rich tourism potential, and development infrastructure are the “promising land” of this type of real estate.


    A new growth cycle of the resort real estate market is opening, investors may return to this potential segment with the destination of a complex and multi-use project. benefits, developed by capable investors. Converging full of preeminent qualities, the real estate product line of the above large-scale tourism – resort ecosystem will definitely be a “light door” for investment.

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    1. 6. The race to elevate the living experience of luxury villas

  10. Although the real estate market is still facing many challenges, the luxury villa segment is still recording good absorption. Many investors also invest in research and cooperation with foreign partners to increase the value of their projects with increasingly higher and stricter standards.


    Blooming luxury villa project

    Recently, Vietnam’s strong economic development has led to the rapid increase of the wealthy class. The number of people who can afford to buy luxury villas and mansions is now very large. Luxury villa projects also flourished throughout the provinces and cities.

    Previously when it comes to the villa segment with prices from 50-100 billion VND/unit, it is mainly in the area of Phu My Hung or Thao Dien, now this segment is developing bustlingly in suburban areas. The market even recorded luxury villas worth up to 700 billion VND. Even in the coastal provinces such as Long An and Dong Nai, luxury villas costing 50-100 billion VND/unit are also traded by many customers.


    Difference is the deciding factor

    Around the world, luxury real estate is experiencing an increase in the number and variety of health-related services. Vietnam’s real estate market is also recording a similar trend because health is always a top concern of rich people. Many investors consider a methodical investment in living values as a differentiating factor and enhancing the competitiveness of their products.

    Factors such as open living space, many green areas, and luxurious utilities are not enough now. Luxury projects also need to be designed in harmony from the overall to each house, the surrounding natural landscape is respected. Even the colors and construction materials, and interior equipment are carefully selected according to the trend of closeness to nature to ensure the health and comfort of the owners.

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    1. 7. Factors that make the real estate market more positive in the short term

    Information factors have the most apparent impact on the real estate market


    The second most important factor is the legal issue. If the law is removed, thousands of real estate projects will be cleared, billions of dollars will be contributed to socio-economic development, and several hundred thousand jobs will be added.


    The next factor affecting the market is macroeconomics. People will find it difficult to buy houses when the economy grows negative, loses jobs, and reduces income. Mr. Luc said that this year, Vietnam’s economy will recover better.


    In addition to the three main factors mentioned above, the issue of inflation also affects the movements of the real estate market. The decrease in income due to inflation caused people to reduce spending, invest, and return to safe investment channels… Under the impact of inflation, the trend of shifting investment and consumption has changed very clearly over time. past time. This year’s inflation forecast in the world is at a high level, about 6%. However, the situation in Vietnam is better, the inflation rate is forecasted at about 3.8-4.2%, which is an acceptable level.


    Besides, Vietnam is not doing well in planning, the information is not transparent and is used to inflate real estate prices. For financial factors, in addition to taxes – fees, it is also necessary to consider capital flows into non-bank real estates such as savings, and remittances.


    Why it is important: In general, from the above influencing factors, it is forecasted that the real estate market will be favorable in the coming time after a relatively quiet period in the past 2 quarters.

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