Expanded Hoa Khanh Industrial Zone in Da Nang

Expanded Hoa Khanh Industrial Zone



Location (Distance From):

– City Center: 15km.

– Da Nang International Airport: 15km.

– Tien Sa International Seaport: 25km.

– Lien Chieu International Seaport: 1km.


• Total area: 132.6 ha.


• Fill rate: 95%.


Land rental price: 115 USD/1 sqm.


• Lease term: Until the end of March 25, 2054 (33 years).


• Payment: Full payment.


• Internal road: Main road connecting to land lots with cross-sections of 34.5m and 16.5m.


• Power supply system:

– Connect to the national grid power line (110 / 22 KV).

– 80 MVA capacity, 22 KV grid system.


• Water supply system:

– The water supply system has an operating capacity of 210,000 m3/day.

– Water supply pipe to the foot of the fence of the plot.


• Wastewater treatment system:

– Placed along the internal road of the industrial park.

– Wastewater treatment center with a treatment capacity of 5,000m3/day.


• Green system: Flower gardens, green campuses account for 15-20% of the industrial park’s land area.


• Fiber optic Internet, telephone system: Provided by State service in the IP.


• Waste treatment system: The investor signs a waste treatment contract with Da Nang Urban Environment Joint Stock Company.


• Inland Customs Clearance Port (ICD): Hoa Khanh Expanded Industrial Park has an ICD with an area of ​​2ha, which is convenient for carrying out Customs procedures for import and export goods.


• Electricity and water prices: according to State regulations.


• Wastewater treatment fee: according to regulations.


• Fee for using infrastructure: 0.46 USD/1sqm/year.



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Waste Treatment System

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