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Sarah D

Ms Huong helped me and my family (husband and 3 kids) to find our current accommodation. We were looking for something specific in a specific price range and she was able to show us through a number of places that fit our brief, and all in the area we requested. We had already worked with another agent from another company, but they didn’t really listen to our needs and so wasted our time. Ms Huong really listened to us and helped us soooo much! She not only found us suitable accommodation, but helped with arranging drinking water delivery, asking the owner for more furniture and other things to fit out the apartment before we moved in, and helped us to pay by credit card for our first payment, as we were still sorting out banking. She has remained in contact well after our move in date to ensure everything is as we need. I would HIGHLY recommend her services and would not hesitate to ask for her help in the future. I could trust her every step of the process. Thanks so much Ms Huong!